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At elaa, we take pride in providing innovative and tailored travel solutions to some of the biggest and most complex  government, public and private sector organizations in Saudi Arabia.

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Recent success story

Arranging flights for 7,000 Saudi students

The challenge

In August 2018, a diplomatic dispute led to 7,000 Saudi students having to leave Canada in less than a month. And because the students were studying there through arrangements made by the Ministry of Education, their repatriation had to officially go through Saudia, the national carrier. However, Saudia not only had to cancel its Canada route because of the dispute, but were already at full capacity because of Hajj and the summer season.

The solution

In a matter of hours, Seera was able to setup a dedicated 24/7 crisis center to service students via email, call center and social media, as well as a Canadian toll-free number.

Seera also took the initiative to negotiate a pre-approval agreement with Saudia in order to expedite the booking process with other airlines.

The result

Leveraging Seera’s scale and relationships with global airlines, we were able to prioritize flights for the students. Thus in less than a month, most of the 7,000 students were flown out on time – a testimony to our strength, crisis response capabilities, and resourcefulness to rise to any challenge.